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Rob Ford, the Toronto Mayor, Has Cancer 


September 17, 2014 -The state of health of the future Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, was not really known until last Thursday when the news came out that he was hospitalized with a tumor. The diagnosis now puts his future political career on balance.

Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Ford was admitted to the hospital Humber River in Toronto due to severe abdominal pain and then transferred Thursday afternoon at Mount Sinai Hospital to conduct further medical examination. A member of the medical team at the bedside of the mayor, Dr. Zane Cohen said at a press conference Thursday in the early evening that a biopsy of the tumor was performed to confirm the nature of the tumor: malignant or non-malignant. But the results were not yet known.  

Dr. Cohen, a specialist in colorectal surgery, said the tumor was "big enough", without specifying whether it was benign or malignant. When was asked about the possibility that the pressure of the election has contributed to the development of the tumor, Dr. Cohen rejected this hypothesis. "I do not believe in stress-related tumors," he said to the journalist.

Doctors planned to do more tests on Friday and meet with Mayor Rob Ford to discuss steps to take and consider an appropriate treatment. “The mayor was in pain but we administered pain killers. Meanwhile, he is in stable condition," said Dr. Cohen that very same day.  

However, today, it is confirmed that Rob Ford has a rare form of
malignant tumorcalled liposarcoma, has revealed Dr. Zane Cohen. This is a biopsy performed Monday on the abdominal mass that had been detected which led to the diagnosis. "This is a fairly aggressive tumor," said the surgeon; it has the size 12 cm by 12 cm. This is an uncommon type of cancer, which represents only 1% of all cancers. The cancer is not only rare but also difficult to treat. The mayor will be first treated with chemotherapy to fight his liposarcoma. Treatments will begin in the next 48 hours.

It is important to remind that Rob Ford has been hospitalized since last Wednesday. He was admitted to hospital Humber River, west of Toronto. The next day, Thursday, he was transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital in downtown, for further investigation, and today the news has come out he in fact has liposarcoma.

"We are optimistic to fight the tumor. We have a team of experts to process, manage and conduct research on sarcoma, "said Dr. Cohen. The tumor is in the soft tissue of the abdomen, and not in the organs. The treatment will be aggressive in order to eradicate the tumor.

Meanwhile, update is expected on the outcome of the treatment and the health of Mr. Ford. Continue to visit this site for latest information on Rob Ford cancer and other cancer news in the United States and around the world.