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Leukemia Prognosis 

The prognosis for leukemia depends on several factors: age, stage of the cancer or organs affected, the state of health of the patient, etc. That is, the sooner you are diagnosed with leukemia more likely you are to survive. In addition, your survival chance depends on the type of leukemia that you have. For example, nearly 60 percent of patients with myeloid leukemia can be cured with a bone marrow transplant; 50 to 60 percent of young patients with acute lymphatic leukemia can be cured by chemotherapy. However, when it comes to leukemia, chances of recovery are much more favorable in children.  

Survival rates also vary by race and sex. The overall 5-year relative survival rate for 1999-2005 from 17 SEER geographic areas was 53.1%. Five-year relative survival rates by race and sex were:  

·         53.8% for white men;  

·         53.0% for white women;  

·         45.5% for black men;  

·         46.1% for black women.


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