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Endometrial Cancer Stages  

Once the cancer is found in your uterine, your doctor will do some tests which will determine the stage of the cancer. In general, stages of endometrial cancer include:  

  • Stage I – the cancer is localized only in the uterus; it has not spread to other tissue.  
  • Stage II – a stage 2 endometrial cancer usually affects both the uterus and cervix, but has not spread into the pelvic region.  
  • Stage III - the cancer has spread outside the uterus to reach other organs such as rectum and bladder and lymph nodes housed in the lower abdomen (pelvis).  
  • Stage IV - Stage IV is the most advanced stage of the cancer; the cancer has spread to the upper abdomen and may affect not only the bladder and rectum but also distant organs from the pelvic. 
  • Recurrent - a cancer that has returned after treatment is considered as a recurrent cancer. In general, recurrent cancers are more difficult to be treated, and have low survival chance.  


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