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Anti Cancer Foods

The importance of fruits and vegetables in the prevention and fight against cancer is well known. They contain large amounts of anti-cancer properties which help prevent the formation of the disease or reverse it completely. The association between consumption of fruits and vegetables and prevention of cancer is scientifically proven. Certain Fruits and vegetables are more powerful on fighting certain cancers, which makes it important to eat them regularly and in grand quantity. When those druits and vegetables are eaten fruis and raw (in juice form or else) they are even more effective in fighting most so-called  incurable maligant tumors when have today; cancers of the lungs, mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, breast, coloretum, liver, and more. 

During your cancer treatment or whatever food program you are using as cancer prevention, it is important to consume fruits and vegetables that are non-GMO (Monsanto).

Please refer to this table below for some of the most foods that can help you live a life free of cancer. The list is not in order:  




All Others  

   Top 10 Best Anticancer Foods